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  1. oh my got i love those tires you have done can have another one plez???LOL.LOL.LOL.

  2. Craig Levine says:

    So beautiful is your work. The use of color, the detail… a kalidascope of brain neurons fire works galore.

  3. cesar says:

    What a great work of art !!!
    You the man ray!!!!

  4. cesar says:

    see you there ray!!!!

  5. Barbara Stovall says:

    how beautiful, love you

  6. Becky says:

    What type of paint did you use to paint the tires? I am looking to paint a tire for an art project, however I worry that acrylic will peel off easily.

  7. Ebonie Williams says:

    There is no greater beauty than the spirit of art made tangible. Your work is dream and fantasy made physical…you inspire.

  8. Jim Malina says:

    Hey Ray!

    I really enjoyed your site & our quick chat.
    Thanx again for helping me to do my work.
    PS: My favorite bassist is Ray Brown..RIP
    even tho there’s too many great catz!
    Enjoy the week.

  9. Ceazs says:

    Let’s make it happen Ray.

  10. cesar says:

    Another great moment…Thanks to everybody that help put this event togetherThanks to Felicia & Otto for helping out!

  11. cesar says:

    Wow what a honor to have Amiri Baraka sign the piano..A true leader…

  12. Blake says:

    very creative! i love the passion that comes out of his heart accross his art work. May God continue to bless you ray and have his hand covering his promise for you! god bless your friend

  13. Crystal Jones says:

    Another master piece well created! You are an awesome artist keep up the exclusive work!!!

  14. Crystal Jones says:

    I totally value mine and so does everyone else who can appreciate “fine” art!!! My friends and family always ask “who made this?” Thanks.
    I Love you, Ray Mc Cray

  15. cesar says:

    “A NEW WAY TO SEE ART”—- Ceazs..

  16. ROCHELLE ELLIS says:

    yo bro i got to have laker picture fosho hook a sister up

  17. Jessica Amaya says:

    Hi Ray,

    It was great meeting you last night at the LA Art Show Premier Party. I enjoyed your your work very much! I can’t wait to see your upcoming work.

  18. Mary Dahl says:

    Ray Dude, I love the Michael piece having grown up with Michael, we would be the same age. I just love the artwork and thanks for sharing it here , I will share it on fb. Hope to see you one of these days. Awesome site. Mary

  19. Gloria says:

    Incredibly beautiful explosive expressions. Did you purposely misspell “Masonite” or is this another material?

  20. Wish it was my piano, great respect for Baraka!

  21. Art says:

    Ya it’s nice.. Creativity through waste material is very economic and useful.. I like your sharing and I will promote these things.. This is a good Art . Keep it up..