Ray visites Trash 4 Teachers

Shiva Mandell of the non-profit T4T invited Ray to come down and pull from the huge stash of industrial leftovers. He found dozens of blue barrels of items that is most often tossed in land-fills. Items lucky enough to end up at T4T wharehouse on South Western Ave in Gardena are made available to teachers and educators. Shiva and his staff hold workshops and classes for young scientists and artists sponsored by NASA, INTEL, NBC Ch. 4 and Teaching organizations. A $100 donation allows you to take up to 100lb pounds of materials.

On this visit Ray took 15lbs of samples back to his studio.

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  1. Art says:

    Ya it’s nice.. Creativity through waste material is very economic and useful.. I like your sharing and I will promote these things.. This is a good Art . Keep it up..

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